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The 7 Best Free Language Learning Apps of 2017

Date: 2018-01-12 03:23

A phrase book and dictionary are always accessible at the bottom of the page for you look at no matter what lessons you re currently taking.

10 best language learning apps - LinguaLift

Heading off the list is Live Lingua, the Internet 8767 s largest collection of free public domain language learning materials, according to the site itself. It 8767 s not hard to believe. There are thousands of free e-books, audio recordings and foreign language video materials available in over 685 different languages.

8Best Free Language Learning Software for Windows

Internet Polyglot offers many of the same kinds of resources as the sites listed above, with the awesome added advantage of its 8775 quick start menu, 8776 which allows you to choose not only what language you 8767 re learning but also what language you 8767 re learning it  in. Do you already speak Spanish and want to get started on Portuguese? Just select 8775 Spanish 8776 for the language you speak, and get started with a composite mental exercise to strengthen one language while building another.

Learn a language for free: the five best websites - Telegraph

Therefore, we compiled a list containing some of the best language learning software which you can use for learning a new language. All these software are different from each other and each of these software provide some unique way for teaching you a new language. You can use these software to learn some of the very popular communicating languages, such as: English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Arabic, Greek, etc. Some of the interesting features of these software are: flashcards, language learning games, tests, audio pronunciation, images , etc. Apart from learning languages, these software can also be used for learning other subjects. Some of these software are also available in multilingual interface and some are also cross-platform software.

Pros: This site offers a well-rounded approach to language learning, with study options for reading, writing, listening and speaking. Also, the Busuu app options allow learners to take their lessons or review materials on the go.

The study is based on texts pulled from the internet, therefore you will never complain for the lack of material! In addition you can specify your interests, so that you don’t have to plough through texts on the history of the ancient Babylonia, but maybe rather on neuroscience (if that’s what rocks your boat).

busuu also lets you chat with native speakers of the language you re learning, as well as verify that speakers of your  language are writing sentences correctly. It s sort of like a joint collaboration project for learning.

Not all of the resources are the same for each language, but some of them also have vocab lists, pronunciation help, and grammar instructions.

The biggest secret to effective language learning isn 8767 t really a secret at all: You 8767 ve gotta talk! And who better to talk with than a native speaker?

In addition to flashcards, a set of words can be learned through crossword puzzles, quizzes, matching, word scrambles, and other games. Each game uses the same set of words, which means there are always numerous ways you can test yourself.

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