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Is He Married or Dating Someone Else?

Date: 2018-01-08 16:28

Of course, now as we 8767 re older and our situations
have changed, it 8767 s easy for us to change Love to fit into our current
needs, and thus it 8767 s easier for us to say, oh, that wasn 8767 t really love,
or it was just sappy, puppy love. But the truth is, the amount of emotions,
the amount feelings, the amount of beauty, desires, and dreams that occupied that time and space, were just
as potent and real. For some, it was more.

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I met a man off Craigslist and we messed around. I called the next day wanting more he texted me late and explained all sorts of things and I 8767 m thinking he 8767 s married. Now I asked him and he said yes he 8767 s married and he wants to have an affair he said he felt like his wife was cheating on him and that 8767 s why he was doing what he 8767 s doing. I asked why didn 8767 t you tell me his response was I didn 8767 t want you to stop dealing with me he said he 8767 d do what ever he could to keep me around. He gave me money and everything I 8767 m not stupid and I know he 8767 s not leaving his wife I work a full time job and the extra help is love. I do me and fuck with him when he sees fit. Idgaf he took vows not me why do men do this is my question.

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Get over what? You dont know im talking about. And it is VERY common. I guess then you 8767 re a man who who played by one of these sluts and you probably kiss these hoes after all the cum in their mouth from the last dude lol. Is that why you 8767 re mad? You 8767 re such a little bitch. Get over yourself

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Their are so downs to this. His mother is not happy, it could be that i m older than she is and that she is also pregnant with her new boyfriend and i will give birth before her. He wants to get married but i do not. I am set and own a home. I do not want to mess that up with some divorce later on. I am just going to see how it goes

I agree..we go after what we want more
It is just sad that he would leave the one he loves and the one who loves him back maybe he will never find love like that anymore,maybe he won 8767 t be able to have children,maybe he was not in love with her at the first place lots of 8775 maybe 8767 s 8776
It looked like my husband wanted a child more than I did and I can guarantee to you that he is the worst father I have ever met, in every sense of that word.
Many people have children for all the wrong reasons and a lot of them do regret the decision,because they had no clue what they were getting into.
But.. we all make our own choices

Divine love can be felt in the pattering of the raindrops, the soft humming of the birds, the cool shade under an oak tree, in the smell of the freshly cut grass, the first rays of the rising sun, the waves thrashing the shores, in the blossoms on the trees, in fact in
just anything that you see around you. This is God’s manifestation of love.

The Noun/Emotion part of love is the Reason for the Verb/Action. If the feeling dies completely, you won 8767 t want to do anything for your partner, give to your partner, if you do these things when you don 8767 t feel anything, you have a level of disdain and it becomes a resentful chore like taking out the garbage for your parents when you were a child. You do it because you think you have to, not because you want to. So love IS an noun, AND a verb.

I have read most of the comments here and your story is excellent, It has a happy ending which is what i was looking for. Age is just a number and people are their own worst enemies perpetuating old standards of life. This is why i try to keep my life private so i can too have some sort of happy life. God
bless u and bless ur family.

He asks for nothing from me, except that I grace him with my company and time if I am able. He tries his best to twist his schedule around my schedule.

I still remember her reaction.  She kind of gave me this half-shy, half-amused smile.  Then she nodded and looked off into the sky.

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