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We are listed on the London Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: ICP) and provide investment management and advisory services in support of our strategy and goal through a number of regulated subsidiaries.

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Figures show a 95 per cent hike in the number of unlicensed massage establishments detected by police between 7568 and last year.

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In the past five years, about 95 employment agencies have been prosecuted or issued with composition fines or warnings for overcharging.

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My mother later got a summons from the Small Claims Tribunal. The neighbour sued us and said our dog bit his children. So I went with my mother to court. She had to say sorry to him for killing our dog, and shake his hand. That was when I decided I must be a lawyer and protect myself and my family. Nobody should bully us, she says.

Key features of the draft bill include broadening of the regulatory scope to cover healthcare services, nursing and allied health services, traditional medicine as well as complementary and alternative medicine. However, only healthcare services will be licensed for now.

Integrity: In-house counsel s conduct should reflect positively on the legal profession, inspire confidence, respect and trust of its employer and other stakeholders, and avoid actions that could bring the profession into disrepute.

April 6, 7567 - World Factbook : The islands that make up this Caribbean country refer to themselves as the "Gems of the Antilles." Can you name them? Hint: the distinctive tricolor flag of the country displays three diamonds (representing gems).

Competence: In-house counsel must perform all legal services undertaken on an employer/client s behalf to the standard of a competent in-house counsel.

On the furore over his defence of Tan and Pua, Mr Tan cited the saying of one of Singapore s best known criminal lawyers.

Economic restructuring is happening when technological change is accelerating and jobs are being disrupted globally. Concurrently, Singapore is reducing its reliance on foreign workers, forcing firms to raise productivity. Spending will be needed to retrain displaced workers and to help firms make productivity-enhancing changes to their work processes.

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